The aim of this Magazine is to be both informative and entertaining, supporting and informing the community within the PL24 area.. It relies on updates and news from local organisations, articles of interest from local residents, and support from  advertisers who give us the revenue we need to print it each quarter.

The PL24 is evolving all the time, with minor changes to format each quarter so far, hopefully improving as we go along. There will be mistakes, we are not professional writers, editors or page setters, so please forgive the errors.

We are endeavouring to get some young people on board who will eventually be involved in every aspect of the Magazine.

Printed by Pegasus Printers in St Blazey, we do a run of 2000 copies, some delivered through doors by volunteers, some available at various pick-up points around Par, Tywardreath and St. Blazey.